Monday, March 14, 2005

How it all started

While I was happy and content driving my balck Honda CBZ, doing all kindsa chores on it. The rest of my family thought otherwise. They thought, its about time we graduated to a car. I somehow fel uncomfortable with the idea of driving around in a 4-5 lac thingie on chennai roads with all the traffic and worrying all the time about who is there on your left right back before u do anything with the steering wheeland accelerator. Plus I never felt the need. But my better half had a mile long list of reasons and I could not reason out those.
But anyway, as it always is supposed to happen, like a good partner I listened and a decision was made to go for a 4wheeler in the year 2005.
The whole January went away deciding on the budget and February in deciding the make and model.After extensive surfing, long discussions with elders and chats with friends and collegues, it was only in March that I started taking test drives of the cars......


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